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Personalized sessions formulated with advanced myofascial techniques to meet your discomfort with a whole-body approach.

LET'S  optimize HOW YOU move IN LIFE.


What is preventing ease in your body?

Is it pain? Or do you desire better performance out of your workouts? 

A neuro-myofascial session will increase your ability to move better in your body. It is a soft tissue method that works with your muscles and your richly innervated networking system called fascia.


This muscle-mind approach will create change that will make you feel better. It will improve your performance not only in your athletic goals but in your everyday life.


Every day, evidence-based science is evolving. It continues to reveal how the productive touch of Body Work brings relief and changes your relationship with how you perceive the sensation of pain. 


"Christine worked miracles with my back and hip issues. I was intimidated by the idea of myofascial massage, but when I met her, I was instantly put at ease. She was so sweet and understanding about my problem areas and my wish to fix them and explained the process to me perfectly. Christine created a plan that was just right for getting my body back in balance and getting me back into my workouts without constant pain. She implemented the plan, and before I knew it, my body began changing, and my pain diminished. Not only do I feel better, but I have also gained much knowledge about my body’s habits and how to prevent and correct them so I don’t revert back to my previous path of inflammation and injury. Thanks, Christine, for bringing me back to my best self!


Jessica R



Let's create

  • Neck, jaw, head

  • Spine, ribs, & lower back

  • Arms, wrists, and shoulders

  • Legs, knees, and feett

  • Pelvis, hip, and sacrum

  • Whiplash

  • TMJ and jaw issues

  • Migraines and headaches

  • Sciatica & disc issues 

  • Knee issues

  • Scoliosis 

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