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The modalities I specialize in focus on regulating your autonomic nervous system &  deepening your relaxation experience.


We go beyond traditional massage and bodywork by using the language of the nervous system. In doing so,  you learn to meet your body differently.

We utilize your Breath to meet your discomfort which grows your body awareness and empowers you to move, nourish & support yourself in a way that radiates out in all that you do.

These practices are rooted in the classical teachings of Dr. Ida Rolf and informed by my own story and experience.


Image by Jazmin Quaynor

"Christine worked miracles with my back and hip issues. I was intimidated by the idea of myofascial massage, but when I met her, I was instantly put at ease. She was so sweet and understanding about my problem areas and my wish to fix them and explained the process to me perfectly. Christine created a plan that was just right for getting my body back in balance and getting me back into my workouts without constant pain. She implemented the plan, and before I knew it, my body began changing, and my pain diminished. Not only do I feel better, but I have also gained much knowledge about my body’s habits and how to prevent and correct them so I don’t revert back to my previous path of inflammation and injury. Thanks, Christine, for bringing me back to my best self!"

Jessica R. 

Ways we work together...

What to Expect



In the 2-hour sessions I will start with:

  • Observing the big-picture of your Body

  • The efficiency of your walking. 

  • Assess your mobility 

This insight into your joint & soft tissue restrictions allows me to personalize The Rolf Method Protocols to your unique body.

Our sessions end with:

  • Neuro-Relaxation to lock in the muscle-mind connection


To integrate the new patterns, we re-educate your muscle-mind connection by:

  • Exploring new functional movements through yoga.

  • Learning how to connect your breath with your movement 

  • Experiencing the ancient art of guided relaxation. 



Access to your skin is beneficial, but your comfort level is most important!

Sessions are typically done in your underwear, bathing suit, or gym clothes.


For Women,

  • A sports bra with lesser coverage or tank top is suitable & sports shorts

  • Yoga pants are discouraged but workable if that brings you comfort 


For Men,

  • Boxer briefs or sports shorts

  • Boxer shorts are discouraged because they provide coverage that is not always gracefully moved aside.


The subtle art of



The 10-Series

Originally designed as a series of ten sessions, this systematic way to ease pain & chronic stress helps:


  • Improve performance in your professional and daily activities.


  • Enhance your posture.


  • Create change within your body, no matter your age. 

  • Is uniquely different for every person's needs & goals.



Cultivating new relationships between your body & how your body moves.

  • How does Structural Integration Work?
    The Rolf Method is a process of soft tissue manipulation designed to create balance in your body by releasing the patterns of tension & strain. Using the 10-series protocols of Dr. Ida Rolf, this step-by-step restoration systematically organizes the fascial matrix of your body, erasing the habitual patterns of discomfort and increasing the optimal function of movement.
  • Who can Structural Integration Help?
    The systematic protocols of The Rolf Method help you move and feel better in your body regardless of age. It reduces pain & increases performance in all aspects of life.
  • How does Structural Integration Improve Posture?
    Your posture & how you walk is your unique expression. The Rolf Method helps you to experience what "proper alignment" is for your body, your unique expression. The repetitive nature of sitting, using computers, tablets, or phones, carrying your children, sports, or being deskbound can negatively affect your body's alignment within gravity, our greatest stressor. Over time maladaptive patterns form within the connective tissue creating discomfort or, worse chronic pain. Even though it is a hands-on approach, it differs from massage. The systematic process of The Rolf Method creates new patterns by lengthening the tight tissues and building new neuropathways, which I refer to as the muscle-mind connection. Time & time again, the results are always the same improved posture creating greater comfort in your daily activities. This new sense of feeling good expresses itself as increased self-confidence and a better sense of aliveness. Regardless of your age, old habitual patterns are released, and new patterns of feeling lighter & upright lead your body through your day. As a Structural Integration Practitioner, I am equally curious about recognizing movement patterns that do not support your posture. Together we explore new supportive & pain-free ways of moving, standing, and sitting. This movement education creates new neuropathways that sustain the change of your new habitual patterns of movement.
  • How does Structural Integration Enhance Performance?
    With an increased range of motion, expanding your body awareness, and improving coordination, your better-aligned body conserves energy to perform efficiently and comfortably in all aspects of your life. Your experience with The Rolf Method will complement every part of your life. Whether your everyday life involves competitive sports, carrying your children, yoga, hiking, running, washing dishes, or just walking your dog, using your body will feel more effortless, efficient, and enjoyable.
  • What is the history of Structural Integration?
    "Rolfing" and Structural Integration are one and the same. Dr. Ida Rolf referred to her work as Structural Integration, and her first generation of students nicknamed it "Rolfing." Today, Dr. Ida. Rolf Institute trademarked the name "Rolfing"; therefore, for clarity, I use the term "Structural Integration" & "The Rolf Method" to describe her work. Dr. Ida Rolf received her Ph.D. in biochemistry from Columbia University in 1920. She was way ahead of her time and paved the path for modern-day women. It was her motherly heart that inspired her to take action to find solutions to her own health problems and her two sons, and it was her scientist mind that lead the process. Dr. Rolf spent many years studying, experimenting, and seeking to understand the different systems of healing and manipulation. She was intrigued with and explored many forms of alternative healing, including homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractics, and yoga. All of which heavily influence the protocols of The Rolf Method.
  • How long does a Structural Integration session last?
    The muscle-mind connection of The Rolf Method pioneers lasting change. Releasing the soft tissue restriction and using your breath to meet your discomfort creates body awareness. It builds neuropathways that support your body's new pattern of movement. The lasting effects in your body are maintained by these new connections that can last for several months. Most clients notice these changes for up to a year or more. An occasional 3-session series to re-store, re-educate & re-support the muscle-mind connections is suggested after bouts of high stress or accidents.
  • How is Structural Integration different than massage?
    Massage & Structural Integration share the same primary intentions of relaxation and increased circulation. The work is somewhat similar to massage and done on a massage table. My tools are my hands, fingers, forearms, elbows, and your breath. Your participation is vital. I will frequently ask you for movement and have you "meet me here with your breath." The Rolf Method's holistic approach works to change your body's structure through a series of sessions that complement and build on each other. The functional aspect of The Rolf Method also sets the work apart from massage. It is a very interactive bodywork experience. Together we explore releasing restricted soft tissue patterns. We work directly with nerve restriction and curiously explore lengthening the soft tissue and increasing the range of motion to create balance in the larger structural patterns. The difference doesn't stop here. As a Structural Integration Practioner of The Rolf Method, educating you on how to move, nourish & support your body differently is essential to the bodywork experience.
  • How is Structural Integration different than Chiropractic Care?
    Chiropractors create alignment by adjusting bone restrictions to create space in the soft tissue. Structural Integration creates space in the soft tissue for the bones. Both awaken the energy in the spine & nervous system. Complementing Chiropractic care with The Rolf Method is a game changer in bringing relief faster and helping the adjustments last longer.
  • What should I wear to my session?
    Loose fitting
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