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Neuro Movement

The ancient wisdom of yoga woven with neuroscience to strengthen new movement patterns and build better coordination within the muscle-mind connection.

LET'S CREATE  opportunities FOR better MOVEMENT.


Yoga through the lens of a bodyworker.

I am curious about re-educating the muscle-mind connection, re-patterning the body at a cellular level, and re-creating elasticity and hydration within your connective tissues so you can feel better supported by your body. 

Yoga is a tool that helps us explore our personal relationship between freedom & pain. The postures provide us opportunities to explore patterns in our body that are no longer serving our comfortable movement. With this new awareness, we can begin to unlink from those patterns imbedded in our cell memory and re-linking with what is desirable, comfortable & stable.

Our breath "minds the gap" between muscle & mind. By putting your mind on your breath, the breath will ease the muscle. Your neurotransmitters speak to the mind, saying, 'All is well'  and your muscles respond by creating ease in your body.



One yoga pose at a time, at your pace, not mine.


Connecting your awareness with your breath through movement is where the re-patterning happens. Dancing with our edges of tension & ease in the postures, we deepen the neuropathways of change. 

In return, you experience the sensations of being present in your body & mind. This presence ripples out into all aspects of your life. Smiling, laughing, & moving through life with ease, is the joyful intention behind Em.Bod.EASE yoga.


"Christine took time to go over my concerns, fears, expectations, and goals and is a wonderful listener and teacher. After the first class, I could tell that I made a wise decision. Christine adjusts and shows ways to modify based on your level. She gives feedback in a non-threatening manner. This class has taught me to be more aware of my body, breath, and mind. I have found ways to use breath to help alleviate stressful situations and have found postures that help me to improve my balance, posture, and trouble spots. I would highly recommend Christine and her bodywork yoga. This is more than just a “class.” She is truly attuned to helping you find ways to improve your overall well-being."

Caroline H

Neuro-Movement is a subtle form of physical re-education that is both practical and preventative while complementing Structural Integration & Neuro-Myofascial bodywork.


It is simply about creating opportunities for better movement.


I am RYT200 trained in the form of Hatha yoga called Integral Yoga, which honors the classical teachings of yoga. I went to Massage School to deepen my knowledge of anatomy. Only to find all my favorite mentors were Structural Integrators, inspiring me to attend the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. 


I call my Yoga sessions Neuro-Movement.  

These sessions create opportunities for better movement by building and reinforcing efficient movement neuropathways while creating awareness within the mind-muscle connection, with relaxation being the result. (Basically, when you move better, you feel better. )


You build up your body's weak and out-of-tune systems by learning how to connect your breath with movement. You become the Change Maker... You become empowered.  


Building new patterns to move through life more happily and comfortably sounds like a win-win or what I call em.bod.EASE! 


Yoga is one of the modalities that heavily influenced  Dr. Rolf when she developed her "blueprint for change," the 10-series protocol. She believed the fascial manipulations of Structural Integration are an invitation to explore your awareness of how you sit, stand, move, and feel in your own structure (posture). 


Structural Integration or my Neuro-Myofascial soft tissue work combined with the Neuro-Movement builds the systems of your body that are weak and out of tune—by building and reinforcing neuropathways of efficient movement while creating awareness within the mind-muscle connection, with relaxation being the result.


My private or semi-private yoga sessions are designed to empower you with practical routines that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life. 

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