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Structural Integration

Is a process of soft tissue manipulation designed to create balance in your body by releasing the habitual patterns of tension & strain.

Using the protocols of Dr. Ida Rolf

  • This step-by-step restoration systematically re-organizes the biological fabric of our connective tissues, called fascia.

  • The connective tissue we call fascia connects our muscles and organs to our nervous system.

  • Our nervous system governs all body systems and is in a continuous communication loop with our fascia, creating the muscle-mind connection.  


As a Structural Integration Practitioner (S.I.P)

About Me

My primary objective is  to cultivate new relationships through your muscle-mind connection.

While re-educating the muscles through soft tissue manipulation, passive & active range of motion, and using the language of your nervous system to release the patterns of discomfort and increase the optimal function of movement in your body.

I honor that this approach is uniquely different for every person's needs & goals, and look forward to creating ease within your body.


What can Structural Integration do for you?

The Rolf Method helps you feel more coordinated, balanced, centered, flexible & energetic in your body.

Which translates into your everyday life as a smile on your face & a spring in your step.

It is a series of ten or more sessions with the holistic intention to put your body in better integrity with gravity. (The greatest stressor to our body)

Structural Integration, also known as  S.I, is a systematic way to ease pain & chronic stress, and improve performance in your professional & daily activities.


It has the ability to enhance your posture & create change within your structure, no matter your age. 

Who can Structural Integration benefit?

EVERYONE can benefit from S.I. – from babies to children to seniors to all folks in between.

Particularly those of us who notice …

  • Their body is not working like it used to

  • Work-life is mentally & physically demanding

  • Work has you deskbound 

  • Injury-related pain, conditions, or symptoms have become chronic 

  • Repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, TMJ tension, tennis or golf elbow, or other similar ailments are hindering your everyday. 

  • You just want to deepen your physical sports, weightlifting, running, cycling, yoga, or climbing mountains experience

Wherever you are in your body.

Whatever your " Feel Good" may be,

However you crave "Balance"...

Structural Integration compliments good health & good living.



Did you know?

  • Chronic Pain
  • Nerve Pain
  • Posture
  • Athletes
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum
  • Babies
  • Children
  • Longevity & Aging

"Christine took time to go over my concerns, fears, expectations, and goals and is a wonderful listener and teacher. After the first class, I could tell that I made a wise decision. Christine adjusts and shows ways to modify based on your level. She gives feedback in a non-threatening manner. This class has taught me to be more aware of my body, breath, and mind. I have found ways to use breath to help alleviate stressful situations and have found postures that help me to improve my balance, posture, and trouble spots. I would highly recommend Christine and her bodywork yoga. This is more than just a “class.” She is truly attuned to helping you find ways to improve your overall well-being."

Caroline H

camino 1.jpeg


Acute & chronic pain tells us our body is adjusting, adapting, and acclimating to help us. You might also think of this as the straw that broke the camel's back.

Our body meets our needs by compensating. With time these compensations turn into maladaptive patterns that show up as discomfort elsewhere in the body.


These undiscovered patterns explain why the pain returns even after stretching, massaging, or resting the painful area. 

As a S.I.P, I am curious about where in your body your symptoms are not presenting. I want to find the outer edges of your pain patterns and begin there.

The systematic approach of The Rolf Method addresses the body as a whole and re-educates the muscle-mind connection.


Structural Integration moves beyond symptom-based pain relief to create sustainable change & ease in the body.



Besides being painful, a pinched nerve can send myriad pain sensations beyond the area in the body of the pinched nerve. 


A chronically pinched nerve creates inflammation & swelling.

Your connective tissues respond by contracting. This abnormal tension & pressure surrounding the pinched nerve lessen your range of motion in that area. 


The way you move now becomes a labored experience.

Your mobility becomes hindered, and the level of energy it takes to not move in pain can feel exhausting.


SI reduces nerve pain & inflammation by hydrating the connective tissue along the pinched nerve pathway, restoring glide and mobility to the nerve.



Our posture is our living, breathing expression of ourselves.

My work as a S.I.P. works with the good, the bad & the ugly postural patterns created in your body throughout your life.


Our perception determines our posture.

How we "perceive" ... the ground underneath our feet, the world's weight on our shoulders, or our curvy spine. Our perception is uniquely ours and inspires our posture. 


S.I. creates new options for movement in your connective tissues & muscles. Our nervous system interprets the new form of movement as support. 


This muscle-mind connection leaves you feeling nourished by the sensations of feeling lighter & upright in your body.  

Image by Malachi Cowie


As is our posture, how we perceive stress is unique to each individual.  Although stress is a normal biological reaction to a potentially dangerous situation, it is our nervous system's job to assess what is a positive & negative experience. 


The adaptability of a resilient nervous system will create a sense of safety and lessen the perceived danger. Perceiving more positive experiences. Compared, a less agile nervous system may perceive more danger signals and less safety from prolonged stress or trauma. 


 Stress rewires how our nervous system perceives safety & danger. 


Structural Integration re-educates the nervous system through the muscle-mind connection and turns the Disorder of PTS  into Post-Traumatic Growth! 



Whether fitness is your thing or not, if you are getting into shape or seeking to improve your athletic performance.

Structural Integration will enhance the results of your efforts. 


This whole body approach decompresses your body, restores suppleness & realigns muscle connection across your joints. 


Your nervous system responds to this by creating sensations of balance & fluidly.


Increasing your range of motion, expanding your body awareness, and improving your coordination are the given results of our work together.



Prior to conception: Structural Integration is a beautiful gift to nourish yourself with as you begin the contemplation of Motherhood.


A relaxed muscle-mind connection will foster opportunities to flourish. A nervous system experiencing sensations of relaxation is a body that is ready to flow & adapt to the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of pregnancy.

During Pregnancy: The muscle-mind connection is simply eloquent. Creating space in your ribcage allows more room for baby to do sommersaults and gives your stomach space to digest.


Less pressure in your lower back and pelvic muscles that are better aligned creates the environment for a natural space to be created in the birth canal and puts a happier waddle to your walking.

S.I brings nourishment to your nervous system by connecting your muscle to your mind. This newfound openness & ease will support both Momma  & Baby as they labor toward one another.

Postpartum: "Getting your body back" takes on a new meaning when it has to fit into the baby's schedule. Multi-tasking becomes a mom's best tool. 


Structural Integration is a scheduled time of self-care & relaxation that helps the body reorganize and improve your body's balance immediately. 


It coaches the stomach muscles back to center, realigns the pelvis, and restores a leaner shape to your abdomen. 


This work brings comfort and awareness to your body so you can enjoy caring for Baby & Momma.

Image by Raul Angel


Let's be honest ... Birthing is an intense moment for not just the Mom.


From the moment baby is growing in Momma's belly to the moment baby enters the birth canal, it's intense business. We all enter this world doing our best trying to figure out how to survive & thrive. 


Our nervous system is beginning the long & winding journey of regulation. Our digestive system continues to develop with each passing day. Coordination of our body's system, or lack thereof, can show up as nursing issues to colic.   


Even though these precious beings are new to gravity, all body's come out asymmetric. Some may have a spine with exaggerated curves that could later develop into scoliosis, and others may have one shoulder or hip higher than the other and feet could be pigeon-toed or flat.  

Structural Integration is a gentle & loving form of touch that can help ease these challenges. 

Kids Running_edited.jpg


Neuro-development. Need I say more? 

When the body moves differently, the mind thinks differently. 


S.I. is an exploration of movement and bodywork that facilitates neuropathway through the muscle-mind connection.


It is an exciting alternative approach rapidly gaining recognition for supporting the healthy growth of children with developmental challenges.


Dr Rolf said, "Rolfing children at an early age fosters an understanding of the body which connects children to their inner grace and confidence."



"If you have the aspiration of kicking ass when you're 85, you can't afford to be average when you're 50." —Peter Attia

Aging is a surefire way of experiencing how in harmony we have been living with gravity.


You may notice that your favorite activity is feeling different in your body.


Everyday efforting is being re-defined, or maybe you are experiencing minor injuries more often than you care to admit.  


It's a fact that our mobility is lessening, joints are wearing out, sleep is not what it used to be, and the brain isn't as nimble as it used to be. 


Structural Integration gives us the gift of longevity by creating new opportunities for reversing the aging process. 


It softens our habitual patterns of movement. It awakens neural pathways and allows you to feel a new sense of support through your Muscle-Mind connection

  • How does Structural Integration Work?
    The Rolf Method is a process of soft tissue manipulation designed to create balance in your body by releasing the patterns of tension & strain. Using the 10-series protocols of Dr. Ida Rolf, this step-by-step restoration systematically organizes the fascial matrix of your body, erasing the habitual patterns of discomfort and increasing the optimal function of movement.
  • Who can Structural Integration Help?
    The systematic protocols of The Rolf Method help you move and feel better in your body regardless of age. It reduces pain & increases performance in all aspects of life.
  • How does Structural Integration Improve Posture?
    Your posture & how you walk is your unique expression. The Rolf Method helps you to experience what "proper alignment" is for your body, your unique expression. The repetitive nature of sitting, using computers, tablets, or phones, carrying your children, sports, or being deskbound can negatively affect your body's alignment within gravity, our greatest stressor. Over time maladaptive patterns form within the connective tissue creating discomfort or, worse chronic pain. Even though it is a hands-on approach, it differs from massage. The systematic process of The Rolf Method creates new patterns by lengthening the tight tissues and building new neuropathways, which I refer to as the muscle-mind connection. Time & time again, the results are always the same improved posture creating greater comfort in your daily activities. This new sense of feeling good expresses itself as increased self-confidence and a better sense of aliveness. Regardless of your age, old habitual patterns are released, and new patterns of feeling lighter & upright lead your body through your day. As a Structural Integration Practitioner, I am equally curious about recognizing movement patterns that do not support your posture. Together we explore new supportive & pain-free ways of moving, standing, and sitting. This movement education creates new neuropathways that sustain the change of your new habitual patterns of movement.
  • How does Structural Integration Enhance Performance?
    With an increased range of motion, expanding your body awareness, and improving coordination, your better-aligned body conserves energy to perform efficiently and comfortably in all aspects of your life. Your experience with The Rolf Method will complement every part of your life. Whether your everyday life involves competitive sports, carrying your children, yoga, hiking, running, washing dishes, or just walking your dog, using your body will feel more effortless, efficient, and enjoyable.
  • What is the history of Structural Integration?
    "Rolfing" and Structural Integration are one and the same. Dr. Ida Rolf referred to her work as Structural Integration, and her first generation of students nicknamed it "Rolfing." Today, Dr. Ida. Rolf Institute trademarked the name "Rolfing"; therefore, for clarity, I use the term "Structural Integration" & "The Rolf Method" to describe her work. Dr. Ida Rolf received her Ph.D. in biochemistry from Columbia University in 1920. She was way ahead of her time and paved the path for modern-day women. It was her motherly heart that inspired her to take action to find solutions to her own health problems and her two sons, and it was her scientist mind that lead the process. Dr. Rolf spent many years studying, experimenting, and seeking to understand the different systems of healing and manipulation. She was intrigued with and explored many forms of alternative healing, including homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractics, and yoga. All of which heavily influence the protocols of The Rolf Method.
  • How long does a Structural Integration session last?
    The muscle-mind connection of The Rolf Method pioneers lasting change. Releasing the soft tissue restriction and using your breath to meet your discomfort creates body awareness. It builds neuropathways that support your body's new pattern of movement. The lasting effects in your body are maintained by these new connections that can last for several months. Most clients notice these changes for up to a year or more. An occasional 3-session series to re-store, re-educate & re-support the muscle-mind connections is suggested after bouts of high stress or accidents.
  • How is Structural Integration different than massage?
    Massage & Structural Integration share the same primary intentions of relaxation and increased circulation. The work is somewhat similar to massage and done on a massage table. My tools are my hands, fingers, forearms, elbows, and your breath. Your participation is vital. I will frequently ask you for movement and have you "meet me here with your breath." The Rolf Method's holistic approach works to change your body's structure through a series of sessions that complement and build on each other. The functional aspect of The Rolf Method also sets the work apart from massage. It is a very interactive bodywork experience. Together we explore releasing restricted soft tissue patterns. We work directly with nerve restriction and curiously explore lengthening the soft tissue and increasing the range of motion to create balance in the larger structural patterns. The difference doesn't stop here. As a Structural Integration Practioner of The Rolf Method, educating you on how to move, nourish & support your body differently is essential to the bodywork experience.
  • How is Structural Integration different than Chiropractic Care?
    Chiropractors create alignment by adjusting bone restrictions to create space in the soft tissue. Structural Integration creates space in the soft tissue for the bones. Both awaken the energy in the spine & nervous system. Complementing Chiropractic care with The Rolf Method is a game changer in bringing relief faster and helping the adjustments last longer.
  • What should I wear to my session?
    Loose fitting
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